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Hire a Black GT Mustang on the Gold Coast


Lux2share offers a range of prestigious, luxury cars to hire on the Gold Coast. Choose from a range of some of the most coveted names in the sports and luxury car field to turn heads wherever you go.


Reasons to Choose the Black GT Mustang Rental on the Gold Coast


The status of the Mustang has been legendary since the 1960s. The famous Ford brand is one of the most recognizable luxury cars on the market thanks to its shape that has remained pretty much the same since it was first introduced.


Endowed with a 5.0 litre Mach 1 engine with dual-fuel technology, the formidable Ford Mustang GT is an exhilarating ride. This icon has advanced features and plenty of assistance technology as well as improved cooling system and precision steering. The roar has been toned down with Active Valve Exhaust technology, but it can be turned up and down to Race Track or Quiet mode.

Any driver will love its stable but thrilling handling. Who wouldn’t be impressed by an acceleration of 0 to 62 mph in just 4.8 seconds.


For any driver serious about performance, look for a Black Mustang GT to rent in Gold Coast.


Reasons to Choose a Luxury Car Rental Service on the Gold Coast


If you need to hire a car on the Gold Coast, it is a much greater and more pleasurable experience to have a luxury car. Why opt for a run-of-the-mill sedan, saloon or SUV, when luxury car rentals on the Gold Coast are available?


Come to the Gold Coast on business or for a holiday and enjoy these benefits when you hire a luxury vehicle:


• Choice of Vehicle


If you dream of driving a high-performance sedan or a low-slung sports model, you’ll find it or an equivalent at a Gold Coast luxury car rental company. Only high end models from the world’s most respected luxury car dealers sit ready for you to take your pick.


• Supreme Comfort


An important factor if you hire a luxury car rental on the Gold Coast for more than one day is comfort, especially if you are carrying passengers. More attention is paid to comfort in luxury cars – just one of the reasons they stand out over family cars. Four seater luxury vehicles will typically have additional legroom, more interior space and more comfortable seats. Two seaters will have state of the art ergonomic design throughout the interior making the most for both driver and passenger.


• Assured Reliability


A luxury rental car company on the Gold Coast knows their vehicles are a major asset so will invest the effort in ensuring they are always at their best performance and looking their best. Although there are no absolute guarantees, you have a good level of assurance that the risk of a breakdown is low. Should it happen, the company will have an assistance process you can call on immediately.


• Create an Impression


If you want to make a great first impression, contact our luxury car rental service on the Gold Coast. Hire a Black Mustang GT to transport you to an important business meeting and let them know you do mean business. Arrive at a first date in a car that has swoon factor. Show the family you like them to have the finer things in life when you drive them round in a luxury car.


• An Affordable Treat


Obviously, the finer things in life are going to cost a little more but you also have to weigh up the satisfaction factor. The great pleasure you get from driving and riding around when you choose a luxury car for rent on the Gold Coast is payback for the additional cost. You can also take sunken costs into account. Sunken costs might be the costs of round trip transfers to the Gold Coast Airport and the cost of any other vehicle you might have chosen to enable you to get around during your stay.


You really want to make the most of any visit to the Gold Coast whether you’re popping into the city for business or are enjoying a stay in Surfers Paradise. With its wonderful sunny climate all-year round, the gorgeous sandy beaches and mass of things to see and do, it’s no wonder the region is visited by many from Australia and overseas. Driving around in a luxury car only makes it even better.


One of the best luxury cars to hire on the Gold Coast is a Black GT Mustang.


Reasons to Choose Lux2Share for Luxury Car Rental in Gold Coast


Our reviews are a testament to the attention we give to customer service, and we are proud of our growing reputation as a top provider of luxury car rental in Gold Coast. We guarantee a first-class experience with every one of our rentals.
We stock icons of the sport and luxury cars to rent from the most reliable and famous brands. We’re also happy we maintain our cars to the highest standards.


With us you’ll find

• Competitive prices
• Choice of hire periods
• Various pickup locations
• High km per day allowance
• 24-hour roadside assistance


Choose Lux2Share for Mustang GT rental in Gold Coast for the driving experience of a lifetime!


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