Black BMW M3




Reasons to Choose a Black BMW M3 Rental on the Gold Coast


Developed by the German car giant’s in-house motorsport division, the BMW M3 is a high-performance version of the 3 series. Upgrades have been given to the regular 3 series to provide better engines, braking systems and interiors to give better aerodynamics, handling and overall driving experience.


The M3 has a 3 litre turbo engine with 431hp that is far more efficient than any of its predecessors. It can go from 0 to 100kmh in 4.1 seconds in the manual version and when the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is chosen then a mind blowing 3.9 seconds. At full tilt, it’s a superb ride.


There’s tight attention to driver and passenger safety with rear automatic emergency brakes, automatic high beam headlights, blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning.
The interior is spacious with good leg room in the front and rear and the boot has more than adequate capacity.


Hire an M3 on the Gold Coast when you want a car that turns heads, has high performance, but can also transport a family.


Hire a Black BMW on the Gold Coast


When you’re looking for luxury car hire on the Gold Coast, Lux2Share offers a range of prestige vehicles. Our vehicles are among the most recognised names in the luxury car industry and as a driver of any of them, you’ll stand out from the crowd with their superiority.


Why Choose a Luxury Car Rental Service on the Gold Coast?


More and more people are choosing to hire a luxury car on the Gold Coast. Whether it’s for a special day or a whole holiday, a luxury car is the best driving experience. It’s a question of:


• Choice


A Gold Coast luxury car rental company will have a range of vehicles from high-performance sedans and saloons to supreme supercars. You’ll be able to find your dream car.


• Comfort


One of the benefits of a luxury car is the comfort it offers over regular vehicles, whether it’s the additional space in a sports sedan or the ergonomic bucket seats of a supercar. Your passengers will appreciate the comfort factor too.


• Reliability


The rental company knows the value of looking after its assets (fleet) so will undertake the maintenance and servicing required to keep their vehicles in the best condition. This means you have a good degree of assurance that your luxury rental car is unlikely to break down. The rental company has 24hr roadside assist in place in the event of your car being un-drivable at any time during your rental period. You will not have the worry of arranging tow trucks or onward travel.


• Impression


A luxury car always gives the impression of success. If you hire a BMW on the Gold Coast for driving around on holiday, impression isn’t such a significant factor, but does help add to the experience and for driving to a business meeting or a first date, a luxury car may just do the trick. Remember, rightly or wrongly, people judge on first impressions.


• Affordability


Naturally, luxury car rentals on the Gold Coast are going to cost a little more than a standard car but when you factor in the benefits outlined above, it can most definitely pay you back with other benefits.


We also should extol the virtues of the location. The Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful locations in Australia. The stunning sandy beaches, great year-round climate and multiple entertainment venues makes it a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. Such a magical place deserves to be seen in a luxury car.


One of the best luxury cars to hire in Gold Coast is a Black BMW M3.


Reasons to Choose Lux2Share for your Luxury Car Rental on the Gold Coast


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and have a growing reputation. With every hire we guarantee a first class experience.


Our cars are among the most popular sport and luxury cars to rent, and all are maintained to the highest standards backed up by 24 hour roadside assistance.


We also offer
• competitive pricing
• flexible hire periods
• choice of pickup locations
• Allowance of up to 150 km per day depending on vehicle


Choose Lux2Share for your BMW rental on the Gold Coast for your driving experience of a lifetime!


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